Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let it Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow

In 2004, before the Slaughtered Lamb Cinema even existed, we had a run of several consecutive movie parties that were successful premieres of international films. The Nest, Dog Soldiers and Shaun of the Dead. It's a real treat to screen something that no one has seen before, other than having seen the available trailers or clips, and have it exceed everyone's expectations.

We did that tonight with Norway's Dead Snow. I'll go so far as to say Dead Snow may be the most entertaining Nazi zombie film of all time. Sure, Shock Waves had Peter Cushing, and Oasis of the Zombies is notable for offering the 'alternate clothed sequences' on DVD, but Dead Snow pays a debt to classic low budget horror of the 80s (most notably the Evil Dead films and pre-Academy Award efforts of Peter Jackson) while giving back to the genre several fun and original twists.

Dead Snow is coming later this year to a therater near you. In the mean time, check out a bunch of clips here.

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