Monday, May 11, 2009

Keep on Trekkin!

So we caught J.J. Abram's reboot of Star Trek yesterday. Much of what you've been hearing is true - although I'd go so far as to say this may be the best Star Trek film yet - no slight to Wrath of Khan (however I've found that the other fan favorite, The Voyage Home, doesn't hold up quite as well).

Without delving into spoilers, I do give the writers credit for developing a story that will allow this ensemble to have their own adventures without ignoring all of the baggage and backstory that has come before.

The cast does a very good job: Spock is just as you would expect (with one minor element that is sure to irk the die hard fans), Kirk grows on you, Sulu and Uhura are each given a chance to shine - however I'd have to say the real standouts are Simon Pegg (while perhaps underused in this film), Chekov, and McCoy - who may do the best job channeling his original series counterpart without coming off like an impersonation.

While not without it's flaws, in particular the random insertion of obligartory aliens (characters in masks in the background - or occasionally foreground) to remind you this is all happening in the future where man and alien, at least the bipedal kind that can still shop for clothes in our outlet stores, comingle. There is a green skinned throwback to the original series that is funny if not somewhat poorly executed, and there is a comedic sidekick that makes a brief appearance for whom they couldn't seem to afford a mask better than you might find at your local Spirit store (my guess is, you'll see him this Halloween).

But those are issues that don't bear on the plot itself, which serves the purpose of allowing new fans to engage with these characters and stories, whether or not they've been followers of the Trek mythos for the past 40 years. And to that end, I think he has succeeded grandly. We're looking forward to revisiting this on the big screen in a few months when it makes its Blu Ray debut (hey - appreciate that we made a trip OUT to the theater on opening weekend to see it!).

It's definitely worth checking out.

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