Friday, May 1, 2009

It's time to Pick Your Poison!

Next Wednesday we close out the the first leg of the Slaughtered Lamb Cinema's Wednesday Night History of Horror.

This week saw Claude Rains in the classic H.G. Wells tale, The Invisible Man paired with the late, great Fay Wray in the first of three consecutive appearances in The Mystery of the Wax Museum. A fun pre-code flick that was the inspiration for the 1950s 3-D classic House of Wax with Vincent Price.

We close out with the Fay Wray double-feature of The Most Dangerous Game and King Kong. It will be quite a night, during which we'll also announce the first program in the Pick Your Poison Wednesday series that starts up on 5/13. Check the blog and calendar for those weekly announcements if you're not here in person. It's sure to be an interesting if ecclectic lineup for the next several weeks. You too can participate in the programming - you just need to show up!

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