Friday, November 7, 2008

Time to Shop for movies!

Twice a year, has a sale where they offer 20% off their already low prices on all in-stock DVDs. This fall, perhaps in recognition of the current state of the economy, they're offering a 25% off coupon! For me, it's never a question of if I should buy - it's always a question of how much I can afford under my pre-determined budget...

I wanted to pass this on in case you're looking for any new standard def or high def DVDs - it's a great way to pick up box sets cheap! I'll be getting the Planet of the Apes Blu Ray set, and the latest Hitchcock collection, to name a few. Those of you interested in Band of Brothers will want to order that when it's released next Tuesday.

Here are several coupon codes you can use:

If you ever wondered how we ended up with so many films in the Slaughtered Lamb Library, now you know!

Unfortunately, the new Collector's Edition of I Am Legend won't be released until after he coupons expire on 11/23/08.

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