Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mad Movie Party 2009 Schedule Round Up

Happy holidays from all of us at the Slaughtered Lamb Cinema! 2008 has been an exciting year - you can review the previous year's events by clicking on the calendar in the sidebar and navigating through past months. As we enter the month of December, we explore our options for 2009, including several interesting anniversary opportunities:

Wizard of Oz - 70th Anniversary
Gone with the Wind - 70th Anniversary
The Third Man - 60th Anniversary
Ben Hur - 50th Anniversary
North by Northwest - 50th Anniversary
Plan 9 From Outer Space - 50th Anniversary
Eyes Without a Face - 50th Anniversary
Suspiria - 30th Anniversary
Phantasm - 30th Anniversary
Mad Max - 30th Anniversary
Zombie - 30th Anniversary
Ghostbusters - 25th Anniversary
Terminator - 25th Anniversary
Run Lola Run - 10th Anniversary
The Mummy - 10th Anniversary

If any of these are particularly interesting to you, let us know. We always strive for a nice balance of revisiting classics that haven't been seen on the big screen in a while, as well as showcasing things that you may have missed.

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