Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vic Mizzy (1916-2009)

Vic Mizzy lived for 93 years, and left behind a legacy of music that shall never be forgotten.

To me, his greatest achievement will always be the masterful score to the classic Don Knotts horror-comedy, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. I don't have many items in the collection from that film, but right up there with a lobby card inscribed by Don Knotts, "Atta boy John!" is my CD soundtrack autographed by Mr. Mizzy.

His greatness obviously extended much further, and into much more widely recognized themes - The Addams Family and Green Acres being perhaps the most famous. But there were loads of other Don Knotts scores for Universal, and of course The Night Walker.

If you've never seen it yourself, or know someone who hasn't, why not schedule a Halloween screening of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken in Vic's honor this year.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I saw this reminder, I'm a huge fan of classic movies and have had 'the ghost and mr chicken' (don knotts is hilarious) in my netflix queue for months now(its been on back order), however unfortunately netflix removed it from their offer list. I guess I'm going to have to search for it to buy on ebay or somewhere, as I can't find a copy anywhere locally. :(
Thanks for the reminder!

The Slaughtered Lamb said...

Fortunately The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is still in print, both as a standalone disc and as part of the Don Knotts reluctant hero 4-pack.

I should have created a link in the SLC store when I initially posted this. My bad!


I've also included a link for the soundtrack album available from an Amazon seller for the original list price of $29.99.