Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autopsy of the Dead Extended Interview Clips Online

As promised, the makers of Autopsy of the Dead have uploaded some additional interview clips, available on homepageofthedead. This batch (what I hope will be the first of several) includes Bill Hinzman talking about his work with The Latent Image before Night of the Living Dead, as well as being a second unit cameraman on Jack's Wife and Director of Photography on The Crazies. Also featured are clips of Kyra Schon talking about watching her friends watch the premiere of Night of the Living Dead, working with Duane Jones, and more.

The clips are definitely worth checking out, as is the documentary in its entirety. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, it's not too late to get it in time for Halloween viewing. I'm not sure if there are any copies left with the signed 5x7 photographs, but it's still cheaper to order direct than it is to order through Amazon.

It's worth noting that the DVD back cover (shown) features a couple of the original on set color photographs uncovered by the filmmakers.

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