Saturday, March 21, 2009


If you were to measure the success of a movie party by the number of folks who stay longer than they originally planned, our Phantasmathon was another winner.

Of course, that in no small part is due to the fact that the first three films all end with a similar cliffhanger, which begs to be followed up with the subsequent film. And besides, they're just plain fun. Let's hope we haven't seen the last of the mysterious Tall Man and the never-catch-a-break former ice-cream man Reggie. It was a fun night celebrating 30 years of Don Coscarelli's classic franchise.

Next up, Mel Gibson in his greatest recurring role: Mad Max and The Road Warrior!


The Maverick said...

There's only one explanation - that movie party was "hot as love, man"!

The Slaughtered Lamb said...

Always cool to spot the little details when watching familiar films on the big screen for the first time - in P2 when the mortuary guys are pouring cremains into a bag, it's clearly labeled Sam Raimi!