Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange...

The trip we started through Twin Peaks back in January is finally nearing its end. Next week we'll watch the final two episodes, and the following week we'll watch Fire Walk With Me, the theatrical prequel that so impressed me I watched it three nights in a row at the Century Town & Country back in 1992.

While it might sound strange to be asked to join the Wednesday night crowd for the final episodes of a TV show, the one-two punch of the series finale and the prequel movie is definitely worth experiencing, and even more so on the large screen. I hope you'll consier attending one or both of those screenings.

Soon we'll be announcing the follow-on program to fill the Wednesday night slot, and we hope you'll consider starting the next series with us. I think the TP regulars would agree that regardless of the particular evenings viewing selection, the meal and socializing is always entertaining.

See you in the black lodge -

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