Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Music is Dreamy

We crossed the halfway point with Twin Peaks Season 1 last night, enjoying the introductions of two of my favorite characters - Ben's eccentric brother Jerry Horne, and the abrasive but lovable Albert Rosenfield.

It's worth noting that the recent reissue of the entire series on DVD (The Gold Box edition that we're using as our programming source) was silently accompanied by a release of a soundtrack featuring music from the shows second season. As with the first soundtrack, and that for Fire Walk With Me, it's filled with classic Angelo Badalamenti themes, and definitely worth picking up.

This Sunday is the SuperBowl, and with Vonna being such a big fan (of the commercials), we'll be showing it on the big screen. Nothing fancy is planned, but folks are welcome to stop by and watch with us. Of course, Vonna's idea of nothing fancy has proven to include curry chicken salad, crab dip, etc. Unfortunately, the SuperBowl won't be the launching point for the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - we'll have to wait until 2/15 to see that.

Perhaps we'll see some of you Sunday, and look forward to seeing the regulars as we wrap up Season 1 of Twin Peaks next Wednesday.

Next stop - rocket science.


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