Monday, January 28, 2008

Award Season

So we watched the SAG Awards last night, on the big screen in HD. I have to admit that was kind of cool - being able to see what folks weren't eating, and being right there for those awkward "I'm so happy that so and so won instead of me" moments. Several awards had me thinking about future screening opportunities - I'd love to run The Soprano's as a weekly event, if Vonna was open to it. Maybe after the whole run is available in HD.

The Superbowl should be pretty interesting to see on the big screen.

As we've continued with our move, I've been stumbling across viewers guides from 1993-1994 (the inaugural years of the MMP). It's funny to read my comments on the Star Wars trilogy (which we were excited to be watching on Vonna's brand new 26" TV!), and also see other events that we're on track to replicate. Fortunately, even for those of you who have been regulars that long will either have forgotten them, or will appreciate how different it is to appreciate them on the big screen.

Until Wednesday...


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