Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pimp Your Poison

Next week we put Frankenstein and pals to bed, closing out the Slaughtered Lamb Cinema's History of Horror (1931-1945). Rather than jump right into another series, we're going to follow up our viewer favorite Pick Your Poison series with a slight twist offering everyone a chance to suggest what becomes our next regular Wednesday night programming.

Same general rules apply - you can select anything you want to show within 150 minutes, but this time you're selling the group on why we should select your series to run with on Wednesday nights. You might show a few episodes of a TV series, or a film in a series you're interested in. You might suggest a theme (Academy Award winners) and show one and describe what you have in mind for the series. We'll vote and schedule our next Wednesday night selections based on what's the most popular.

We'll draw lots for scheduling the Pimp Your Poison schedule next week, so be sure to show up (or let us know you're up for participating) and we'll save you a slot.

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