Saturday, July 18, 2009

Get ready for a Vacation Smackdown!

Next month, with your help we'll settle a long standing debate in The Slaughtered Lamb Cinema. I have always believed that the original Vacation is by far the best film in the series. Vonna is equally vocal that the second sequel, Christmas Vacation, is the best.

Come enjoy the pair (both are great comedies), and cast your vote for the greatest vacation of them all.

The vacation starts on Saturday, August 22 from 6pm-10pm. And stay tuned for the September announcement, which we're currently referring to as the Class of 1979 party!


The Maverick said...

All things considered, it is a close call - both are great comedies.

But what has to decide the question is that only one of them has Christie Brinkley in it... ;-)

The Slaughtered Lamb said...

Thank you.