Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pick Your Poison Wednesdays are coming!

We're on track to complete the first leg of the Slaughtered Lamb History of Horror in April, and will then be taking a break from classic horror for a few months as we open things up for our Pick Your Poison Wednesdays. Here's the plan - each week everyone will come prepared with a viewing selection for the night (either something you bring or one of the 6,500 titles in the Slaughtered Lamb Library).
We'll start the month of May with everyone's name in a hat, and each week Vonna will draw a name of who's responsible for hosting that night. It can be a feature, episodes of a TV show, whatever the impromptu host wants, provided that it fits in a 150-minute window (sorry Bollywood fans!). Everyone will get one shot at determining the night's programming. We think it will be a cool way for everyone to share some of their favorites on the big screen.

We expect this will take us through May and possibly into June, at which time we'll resume the History of Horror. Depending on how it goes, we may make Pick Your Poison Wednesdays a regularly scheduled event each year, or between longer stretches of Wednesday night entertainment.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here's the schedule for the next several weeks.

* Mask of Fu Manchu 68m
* The Ghoul (1933) 77m

* The Invisible Man (1933) 71m
* Mystery in the Wax Museum 77m

* King Kong 104m
* The Most Dangerous Game 63m

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