Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Abridged Prisoner

40 years after it's debut, I still find The Prisoner to be one of the most important and challenging television series of all time. That said, the show does have its highs and lows, and I thought I would recommend an abridged viewing of the show for those of you intrigued by the concept, but not convinced you want to commit to the full 17 hours the show offered. I do not feel that these seven episodes are the only good episodes - far from it - however I do think they represent the best of the best. Starting with the first and finishing with the final two episodes are mandatory (albeit excellent choices) - the four in the middle are the absolute cream of the crop.

After resigning from an unspecified job, our protagonist is gassed while packing for a trip, to wake up in a mysterious Village, where there are no names - only numbers.

The Chimes of Big Ben
Working with another villager, Number 6 plans an escape from the Village.

The Schizoid Man
The masters of the Village attempt to break Number 6 by making him believe he's really Number 12, in the Village to drive Number 6 mad.

Many Happy Returns
When Number 6 awakens to an empty Village, he takes to the sea to find his way home.

Hammer Into Anvil
After another villager is driven to suicide from her interrogation, Number 6 turns the tables on Number 2.

Once Upon a Time

Fall Out
That would be telling...

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