Saturday, May 3, 2008

A day for adventure!

We're only two weeks away from what I anticipate will be our most popular movie party since we held the Star Wars Marathon in December.

We can't wait for the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and we're obviously not alone. What better way to prepare for the new film than to refresh yourself with the original trilogy on the big screen!

To accommodate the needs and interests of everyone, we'll be running the original trilogy, starting with Raiders of the Lost Ark at 1pm on Saturday, May 17. As we expect there will be an increased interest in watching Raiders in particular, we've scheduled an encore presentation of that film at 9pm, following the completion of the trilogy.

Whether you want to see them all, only watch Raiders, or skip the under-appreciated Temple of Doom, the schedule will facilitate your viewing needs.

To ensure Vonna can prepare enough food for the event, we are requesting RSVP's this time out. We'll find a way to squeeze all interested parties into the theater - but we'd hate to prepare too much (or too little) food to satisfy everyone.

We've got some fun stuff planned, and are looking forward to enjoying these films with you all.

John & Vonna

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