Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cautionary Tales

After some deliberation, and in an effort to mix some new titles into the Mad Movie Party schedule, I've decided on the lineup for April. We're going with two cautionary tales.

First up is Val Guest's The Day the Earth Caught Fire. I'm guessing most of you will not have seen this cerebral sci-fi thriller, and you're in for a treat. Great performances abound, including Leo McKern, who if you're not already familiar with, you will be once The Prisoner enters our weekly Wednesday night slot.

Picking a companion title was relatively easy. Based on a novel by John Christopher (of The Tripods fame), No Blade of Grass is another futuristic tale set in London. Famous for writing a series of novels exploring a variety of end of world scenarios, this one is particularly interesting, evolving our of a much more plausible scenario than The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

These are the kinds of films that spawned contemporary counterparts like Armageddon, Deep Impact, and The Day After Tomorrow. The primary difference is that these early examples stand the test of time.

We hope you'll join us in April.


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