Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We've made it through the first season of Twin Peaks, where the series truly was at it's peak, no pun intended. Not knowing whether or not they'd be renewed, Mark Frost, who wrote and directed the season finale, decided to ply a riff on the classic television cliffhanger by setting up every situation available: Cooper's been shot... Nadine has overdosed on pills... James has been arrested... Shelly is trapped in the mill fire... Lucy is pregnant with Andy's baby... Dr. Jacoby has had a heart attack... Ben Horne and daughter Audrey are about to have an unanticipated encounter at One Eyed Jacks... Leo's been shot... it appears that everyone is involved in some sort of double-cross... and isn't it the slightest bit odd that Laura's cousin Madeline looks and sounds exactly like her?

Classic television. In my opinion, as we embark on season two, it gets even better. There are some missteps, to be sure, and plotlines that would have been better off if abandoned, but within the next few weeks, we will enjoy some of the most harrowing moments in the history of television. We will come to know the evil Laura spoke of, feared, and perhaps became.

Remember - the owls are not what they seem.

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